Une Soirée de Tours

Helen Burke and Beth Parkhill, MTSC Board Members

Á Votre Santé!

Maybe not quite as famous as the renowned Tour de France, friends of Minneapolis-Tours Sister City Association recently turned out for
a Mini Tour of Tours une soirée à l’Alliance Française.

Enticing guests with a variety of wines and French fare, the event provided the perfect backdrop to promote Minneapolis-Tours’ sister city relationship and to recruit volunteers.

What would a French affair be without alimentaire de la France? Guests sampled wines from a vallée de la Loire, and a variety of cheeses delivered directly from la ville de Tours by our very own resident in Tours, Ed Coughlin.

Presentations on volunteer opportunities, Tours and its culture, and wines primarily from a vallée de la Loire, were made by Minneapolis-Tours board members. Special guests, Minneapolis Council members Barbara Johnson and Robert Lilligren, spoke during the event and expressed renewed energy and support for the direction Minneapolis-Tours Sister City Association is headed.

Minneapolis-Tours wishes to express its sincere appreciation to all who helped with our event in a variety of ways.  Merci Beaucoup!

Alliance Française
Minneapolis-Tours Board Members and Volunteer


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