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Cultural Committee

Do you have an interest in music or art, photography or dance, film or theater? Help develop cultural exchanges between Minneapolis and Tours by joining the cultural committee. We need your ideas, connections and passion to make these exchanges happen.


Education / Youth Sports Committee

There is a great opportunity for exchanges of students between Minneapolis and Tours. There is interest in a youth hockey tournament with Tours. Soccer and volleyball are also popular sports in Tours. Help us find these opportunities and broaden the world for these participating students.


Every year we have opportunities to host students, government officials, artists and other travelers from Tours. If you are willing and able to host a visitor, join this committee. It is a wonderful way to get to support our organization and to make friends from Tours.

Website Manager

Our website is our primary communication tool and portal to information about the organization. We are looking for someone, familiar with open source software (WordPress), who can help us improve our site’s functionality and design.

Bloggers and Web Content Providers 
Contributing bloggers will have an opportunity to make the Tours experience come alive for visitors, as well as provide insights and topics related to building community across cultures. We are especially seeking individuals who are currently in Tours, recently returned from Tours or are planning a trip soon to contribute personal blogs.

Sister Cities Day and Other Events
Help with event planning and execution. Celebrate with all of the other Minneapolis sister cities, and meet other citizens supporting the program and help staff our information booth at the annual Minneapolis Sister Cities Day Celebration in July.  The event is held every year at the Nicollet Island Pavilion. We would like to host other events as well, such as wine tastings or cultural activities, a few times a year.


We’d love to answer your questions! To learn more about volunteering with Minneapolis and Tours Sister Cities please email us with this contact form:


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